1001 0xB81C0AD8 Formal
1002 0x0BD497BA Change Outfit
1003 0xD4398EE1 {0.String} {1.Number}
1004 0x98D69EAF Party
1005 0x25B715AE Sleep
1006 0xBE0961F6 Comedy
1007 0x2C120D88 Go Home
1008 0x9B8F39D6 Romance
1009 0x2D798A93 Travelling
1010 0xDE606857 Starving!
1011 0xCCA90F32 Elderly Demise
1012 0xB599D587 Witness Death
1013 0x4D48CC9E Or is it? The last Sim in this household has died, but you can create more Sims, choose an existing household to play, or move another household in from The Gallery.
1014 0x02DF4E13 Make Selectable (Debug)
1015 0xD4FF7ECE Max Age Progress (Debug)
1016 0x1DAE7970 Set Age (Debug)
1017 0xF776E659 Be Jealous
1018 0x86EE6250 Happy Memory
1019 0x29CC08A6 Sad Memory
1020 0xB64C9049 Discourage
1021 0x2898B0EE Ask {1.SimFirstName} To {0.String}
1022 0x5AFE07C0 Mentor
1023 0xA4376234 You had an accident from holding it for too long! How embarrassing!
1024 0x217D3D5B Put Down Pizza
1025 0xD07B6A63 Broken Engagement
1026 0xA8ED027D All
1027 0x6B20AE8C Family
1028 0x171107DC Friend
1029 0x20489E83 Romance
1030 0x30BD3D58 Not all love lasts! These Sims are no longer together.
1031 0x53FF6563 Not all diamonds last forever it appears. This engagement ended badly.
1032 0xBF5245D5 Some romances end quite badly. This one has devolved into anger.
1033 0x88685DF6 This marriage has ended in divorce.
1034 0x4843C903 These Sims are engaged to be wed! Save the date!
1035 0xB77116D5 Things have grown tense between the former lovers.
1036 0x96404294 You've tied the knot! Marriage is forever! Usually.
1037 0xB7574DE9 Dating, exclusivity...a relationship?
1038 0x47730714 Neither friend nor foe - just an average relationship.
1039 0xA25D7DE4 Acquaintances
1040 0x0F89ED07 Best Friends
1041 0x711C0730 These two are the best of friends with a nearly unbreakable bond.
1042 0xC39EAB87 Broken Up
1043 0x509E73FF Despised Ex
1044 0xD57A6419 Divorced
1045 0xB3767AB1 Despised
1046 0x023D266A Things have gone awry with this relationship. Can it be salvaged?
1047 0x28EE6C42 Engaged
1048 0xF90083B7 Friend
1049 0x441B0500 A friend will always be there for a kind word.
1050 0xFDEF03DE Frustrated Ex
1051 0x7037268B Good Friends
1052 0x8B375844 This is a solid relationship built on trust and great memories.
1053 0x43062921 Has Met (should not be seen)
1054 0x9274BF55 Nemesis
1055 0x04D86EDE Dire foes who will stop at nothing to bring misery to the other.
1056 0x24175290 Disliked
1057 0x125E460B This relationship is tense. Things are likely to go awry!
1058 0x79E7668E {M1.Boyfriend}{F1.Girlfriend}
1059 0x26C6C4B8 Recall an Angry Moment
1060 0x4096198F Recall a Confident Moment
1061 0x1E8AAA99 Recall a Happy Moment
1062 0x70022850 Recall an Inspiring Moment
1063 0xE8325958 Recall a Romantic Moment
1064 0x3B57B46F Recall a Sad Moment
1065 0xE26C72C1 Jump for Joy
1066 0xB1B5074A There is already a Social Event happening on this lot.
1067 0x034C8A6D Ask about Baby's Due Date
1068 0xBC2BF023 Ask to Leave
1069 0x382F7A85 Be Hugged
1070 0xDB04B08F Chat
1071 0x526B91BC Be Kissed
1072 0x005987DE Be Slapped
1073 0xDC442927 Call off the Wedding
1074 0x1CE04A0D Call Guests to Eat
1075 0x482BA41C Chat with {1.SimFirstName}
1076 0xAFE814AB Be Cheered For
1077 0xDD934A66 Compliment Food
1078 0x4B15DB0F Compliment Home
1079 0x65DC7CC6 Compliment Wedding
1080 0x730FE86F Congratulate
1081 0x8A13284C Brag about Dinner Party
1082 0xE106D263 Complain about Dinner Party
1083 0xA68FBC18 Cry about Dinner Party
1084 0x081CDA4B Stress Over Dinner Party
1085 0xBDFE998C Be Heckled
1086 0x8C71C8F7 Listen to {1.SimFirstName}'s Question
1087 0xEB060332 One Liner
[+1 Charisma]
1088 0xF0E0A04F Rub Belly
1089 0x408ADA3D Just Start Crying
1090 0xB029CF32 Share the Big News
1091 0x2E7622D3 Tell Story
1092 0x3D98C4B6 Thank For Coming
1093 0x40F097A0 Thank For Invitation
1094 0xC65874B4 Schmooze
1095 0x8DC371C2 Give Career Advice
1096 0x956264E4 Bills have just been delivered to your mailbox. You owe {1.Money}, and have {0.Number} {S0.hour}{P0.hours} to pay before we shut your utilities off one by one. You can pay using your phone, computer, or the mailbox.
1097 0x5B00CB99 You have {0.Number} {S0.hour}{P0.hours} to pay your bills before your power is shut off.
1098 0x44646347 You have {0.Number} {S0.hour}{P0.hours} to pay your bills before your water is shut off.
1099 0xC1F9BDC5 The Landgraab Power Company has shut off the power to your house.  Pay your bills to get it turned back on.
1100 0x74ED8B53 The local water company has shut off the water to your house.  Pay your bills to get it turned back on.


1101 0x315A8C2E Power has been shut off; pay your bills.
1102 0x578CDF40 Water has been shut off; pay your bills.
1103 0x097C00DA This Sim's household is too big.
1104 0x60227115 Mixing drinks and making small talk seems easy enough, but the right proportions of juices and the right amount of chatter is a subtle skill.\n Mixologists primarily use the bar. Increasing this skill will unlock the ability to make new Drinks, Bar Tricks, and Mixology Socials!
1105 0xAEBFECFA Mixing drinks and making small talk seems easy enough, but the right proportions of juices and the right amount of chatter is a subtle skill. Mixologists primarily use the bar. Increasing this skill will unlock the ability to make new Drinks, Perform Bar Tricks, and new social interactions!
1106 0x0E606230 Mixology
1107 0x49A144E2 Chess
1108 0x6936FEA2 Creativity
1109 0x3A7B0BF4 Mental
1110 0x755626EF Motor
1111 0x300FCF8B Social
1112 0x52639248 As soon as one realizes that everything is a joke, being a comedian is the only thing that makes sense.\n\nComedy skill is useful when talking with other Sims and with the microphone stand. Increasing this skill will unlock new Joke Socials, Comedy Routines, and the ability to Improvise Routines on a Microphone.
1113 0xC08BDF17 As soon as one realizes that everything is a joke, being a comedian is the only thing that makes sense.
1114 0x9C25EAE7 Comedy
1115 0x966B052B Using imagination is one of the hallmarks of childhood, and developing that imagination can pay big dividends in the future.\n\nThe Creativity skill can be developed on the activity table and easel. Increasing this skill will unlock new Activity Table Drawings, Dollhouse Interactions, and Socials!
1116 0x2C4A59A4 Creativity allows your imagination to run wild.  This skill is currently locked.  I guess you're a stick in the mud.
1117 0x2D88D20F While all Sims want to stay healthy, fitness-minded Sims frequently go above and beyond the call of duty to keep their bodies in tip-top shape.\n\nFitness can be worked on via the treadmill, weight bench, or punching bag. Increasing this skill will unlock new Workout Interactions and Socials.
1118 0x95344CA8 Get off the couch. Take a run. Get your heart racing. Or not.
1119 0x2727E7D6 Fitness
1120 0x81911D35 When in a conversation, Charisma skill can be your best friend. Whether making friends, romancing, or calming down strangers, the charismatic Sim knows how to proceed.\n\nCharisma can be worked on in the mirror or in conversations with other Sims. Increasing this skill will unlock new Socials as well as new Social Media Interactions on the Computer.
1121 0x6FCF191A The ability to be friendly with others is truly a special gift. You don't have it yet. Meanie.
1122 0x8CEC80D0 Charisma
1123 0x85B60621 Gardening
1124 0x479258B0 Ready to take your culinary creations to new heights? The Gourmet Cooking skill can help deliver some fancy foods to your mouth and your guests.\n\nGourmet Cooking is developed through cooking gourmet foods on the fridge, stove, and countertop. Increasing this skill will unlock new Gourmet Cooking Tricks, Moodlets, and Recipes.
1125 0xD03EE14F Almost anyone can cook, but only those with the Gourmet skill can cook like a boss.
1126 0xAF60ED5F Gourmet Cooking
1127 0xE188F615 Down the Road
1128 0xE188F616 Spline On
1129 0xE188F617 For My One and Only
1130 0x545058EB Guitar: the one instrument that defies class, genre, and boundaries. A guitar can be a good fit for a romantic evening, a casual get-together, or a sold-out performance.\n\nUse the guitar to improve Guitar Skill. Increasing this skill will unlock new Songs and Interactions on the Guitar, including the ability to Write Songs and Serenade Sims.
1131 0x2BB774EA Guitar
1132 0x29513A3E Almost like speaking a second language in today's world, programming is becoming more and more essential. Get ahead by learning to make machines do your bidding!\n\nProgramming is done on the computer. Increasing this skill will allow Sims to create Plugins, Games, Mods, and Mobile Phone Apps. Sims will also be able to Hack on the Computer!
1133 0xFD646399 Want to be a caffeine-addled programmer with no restraint? Become a hacker!
1134 0x3645CBC1 Programming
1135 0x35C6A692 Do it yourself! That's the motto of a handy Sim. Handy Sims aren't afraid to repair things when they break, can upgrade regular household objects, and may even dabble with a bit of woodworking.\n\nHandiness is built by repairing and upgrading objects, or using the woodworking table. Increasing this skill unlocks new craftables on the Woodworking Table and improves Sims' ability to Repair and Upgrade objects.
1136 0x2598FABD Lock description handiness
1137 0x4E0080AD Handiness
1138 0x7E7B1F89 Anyone can cook, but Sims who are epicurious will benefit from spending a little extra time and attention in the kitchen.\n\nCooking skill is built primarily by cooking with the fridge, stove, and counter. Increasing this skill will unlock new Cooking Tricks, Moodlets, and Recipes.
1139 0xBACA6FEC Cooking
1140 0x2C6CF189 A practiced mind can be a wonderful thing, and Sims who focus on Logic want to hone their minds until they're sharper than a llamacorn's horn.\n\nLogic is built on the chessboard, telescope, and microscope. Increasing this skill will unlock new Interactions on the Microscope, Observatory, and various Collectibles.
1141 0x2EC65BBE Unlocking this skill grants you proficiency in the art of being wrong with confidence.
1142 0x2BF345EC Logic
1143 0x6E540849 Mischief-oriented Sims tend to be sly devils, delighting at tricking, pranking, and otherwise mocking their fellow Sims. Life's a party, and a Mischief Sim is out to crash it.\n\nMischief is mainly tied to social interactions and the voodoo doll. Increasing this skill will unlock new Mischievous Socials on Sims as well as Mischievous Interactions on the Voodoo Doll, Computer and Phone.
1144 0x51E1967E Want to playfully cause petty annoyance? Of course! Who doesn't? Get this skill!
1145 0x08E73CAC Mischief
1146 0xAC0106A8 Motor Skill is essential for all children, but beyond simply enabling them to walk, run, and jump, Motor Skill can be focused on to build early muscles and prepare for a lifetime of fitness.\n\n Motor Skill can be built on monkey bars and jungle gyms.
1147 0x4A9A5977 Motor skills determine how well a child can move around and grab stuff; not how good they can drive a car.
1148 0x4CEF47E9 The art of putting brush to canvas and creating something that can evoke an emotional response is not easy. For those Sims that explore the Painting Skill, colorful creations - and maybe some big sales - lie in their future.\n\nPainting is primarily tied to the easel. Increasing this skill will unlock new Painting Genres and Sizes!
1149 0xC0B2621E Paint a happy little tree. Talk to the tree, make friends with it.  If it's crooked, send it to Washington!
1150 0x3DB29DCC Painting
1151 0xEAF34AE7 Piano
1152 0x89E48633 You've learned the secrets of the afterlife. Now put them to the test as you shepherd souls to their eternal repose.
1153 0x48356B62 Reaping
1154 0xBC870E82 It's a secret I haven't told many people, but I originally got my job after searching want ads online!
1155 0x6000E01C Rocket Science
1156 0xF4442D7C Learning to talk is the first step in every child's journey to becoming a social creature. For those children who decide to focus on Social Skill, friendships are sure to come easier to them throughout life.\n\nSocial Skill can be developed on the dollhouse and stuffed animal. Increasing this skill will unlock on the Computer, Doll Interactions, and Socials!
1157 0x9411B73B Children need to learn over time how to interact with others.  You are currently an anti-social baboon.
1158 0x09D0EB49 Being good at video games used to only be good for bragging rights against your siblings, but in this brave new world, video game prowess can actually make money and bring fame! What wacky times we live in.\n\nVideo Gaming Skill is improved via the computer, motion game system, and tablet. Increasing this skill will unlock new Video Gaming Socials as well as new Interactions on the Computer.
1159 0x6509A97E Out of shape? Poor hygiene? Lack of social skills? Fear not - videogames are the answer to all problems!
1160 0xE9F275AC Video Gaming
1161 0x820B1859 Violin
1162 0x1EE57767 Putting pen to paper (or more likely, fingers to keys) is no easy task. The blank page can be one of the most daunting foes, but writers take on the challenge of finding a way to put emotions into words day after day.\n\nWriting is primarily done on the computer. Increasing this skill will unlock new Writing Interactions on the Computer  as well as the ability to Publish and Self-Publish books!
1163 0x4A792A50 It was the best of skill descriptions. It was the worst of skill descriptions. Okay, I was the worst.
1164 0x08916F9E Writing
1165 0x2BEEDCC9 Add Trait
1166 0x241F6C12 Remove Trait
1167 0xF04911EC Ambitious
1168 0x78C9E9F7 Self-Assured
1169 0xA3388A4D These Sims can Bro Hug other Bros, gain Confidence around other Bros, and become Energized from Watching Sports.
1170 0xFF256B98 Bro
1171 0x8217B09C Clumsy
1172 0xBE6020F1 These Sims become Happy when being Mean or Mischievous to other Sims and become Confident after winning a fight.
1173 0x88B90FC4 Mean
1174 0x410E8DBB {0.String}
1175 0x845BAE4F {0.String}
1176 0x453A8BAE {0.String}
1177 0xD037F1D3 {0} is starting on this lot. Would you like to join this party as a {1}?
1178 0x6790B96C Ladies Night!
1179 0xACFE00F4 Bar
1180 0x760A7048 Watch Comedy
1181 0xB9E66197 Watch Romance Channel
1182 0xDD17EED0 Sober Up
1183 0x16284F08 WooHoo with Someone
1184 0x6A694931 Get More Comfortable
1185 0xF344AC0D Stop Being Sad
1186 0x5B5AE494 Embarrassing Memory
1187 0x3856BE8E Angry Memory
1188 0x13A730D9 Confident Memory
1189 0x8C997195 Inspiring Memory
1190 0xECDF838E Romantic Memory
1191 0x99E5B918 Are you sure you want to quit your job, {1.String}?
1192 0xD7CFE7C3 Should {0.SimFirstName} switch jobs to {4.String}? {F0.She}{M0.He} will quit {F0.her}{M0.his} current position of {1.String} upon accepting the new job.
1193 0x3DB4BD14 Should {0.SimFirstName} come out of retirement? {F0.She}{M0.He} will lose {F0.her}{M0.his} retirement benefits from {2.String} upon rejoining the workforce.
1194 0x14F7CDDB {0.SimFirstName}'s Retirement Pay has arrived from being a dedicated {1.String} in the {2.String} Career!\n\n{3.Money} has been directly deposited into {M0.his}{F0.her} Household Funds.
1195 0x44E14CD2 {0.SimFirstName} retired as a {1.String} from {2.String}! {M0.He}{F0.She} will receive a pension check every day based on {M0.his}{F0.her} salary at the time of retirement. Time to kick back and relax!
1196 0x94CEF1C6 Any Vegetable
1197 0x7A430403 Any Herb
1198 0x9657B4D3 Any Fish
1199 0x3C70A20E Any Fruit
1200 0xB1AEA0E7 Fantasy


1201 0x90B9C07E Gardening Skill
1202 0xE6024CB0 Romance
1203 0xCA70C31B Programming Skill
1204 0x332E5995 Children's
1205 0x6015D820 Non-Fiction
1206 0x950116C6 Sad
1207 0x83DE580E Gourmet Cooking Skill
1208 0x24F8E80A Biography
1209 0xDD6BFA00 Guitar Skill
1210 0x339B74A6 Painting Skill
1211 0x4B52D0AF Science Fiction
1212 0x41C1C0D5 Fitness Skill
1213 0xF083C70F Logic Skill
1214 0x0AE8317E Piano Skill
1215 0xE2F0065C Video Gaming Skill
1216 0x4D9A52D3 Playful
1217 0x5423A701 Charisma Skill
1218 0x2996D79E Screenplay
1219 0x1791F3D0 Writing Skill
1220 0x6851BF7C Rocket Science Skill
1221 0x135EFF6A Supernatural
1222 0x8FEB27AE Energized
1223 0x2B236125 Flirty
1224 0x26F97F67 Poetry
1225 0xC3E03A34 Handiness Skill
1226 0xBE57FF31 Mixology Skill
1227 0x76F97600 Mischief Skill
1228 0x318A47B5 Cooking Skill
1229 0x91207833 Emotional
1230 0x8068ABCB Mystery
1231 0x0EA9769B Short Stories
1232 0x609BBA71 Comedy Skill
1233 0x428D34A1 Confident
1234 0xE8341111 Fishing Skill
1235 0x1140483B Violin Skill
1236 0xAAB391FC Genre: {0.String}
1237 0x1015499D {0.Number} kg
1238 0xB99F692A enAn}!
1239 0x673F66F9 Fish Type: {0.String}\nBait Type: {1.String}
1240 0x30BA6E7C {0.SimFirstName} caught a {3.String} {2.String} worth {4.String}! What else might be out there?
1241 0xCCB1A5B3 These fish are biting at anything. As long as it's valuable, they're going for it!
1242 0xED035DB4 Some fish here prefer munching on amphibians. Try using a Frog for bait.
1243 0x4DC951EA Prized catches here like to prey on small fish. Poor, small fish.
1244 0x4741E769 Most fish here will eat almost anything - as long as it's organic, they're biting!
1245 0x935D9017 The rarest catches here are at the top of the food-chain. Baiting your line with a medium-sized fish might just lure them out.
1246 0x7E4B04A0 Discerning fish here enjoy the freshest of produce. Try some fruit on the line.
1247 0xEB66100D There's some fancy fish here that only nibble on flowers.
1248 0xE311DC61 {0.SimFirstName} ran out of {2.ObjectCatalogName} to use as bait. {M0.He}{F0.She} will continue fishing without bait.
1249 0x35AF9F89 {0.SimFirstName} will have to use:
1250 0x1EDA4464 {0.SimFirstName} is missing some required items:
1251 0x0C13E237 {1.SimLastName}
1252 0x38B4E6F1 Congratulations...
1253 0x26746953 No fruit unclaimed. No flower unfound.  Congratulations! The Sim Gardening Society is in awe of your collection.
1254 0x48427045 You've completed the Fishing Collection
1255 0x4D8B1FA9 Fish
1256 0xB8E08F7C Frogs
1257 0x8F349E93 A complete collection of frogs! How exquisite. A local patron of nature has sent you a reward for your full collection.
1258 0xD9EAB2D6 Postcards
1259 0x96EAA0A5 What a collection of postcards! It looks like you've got a card from every corner of the world.
1260 0x0C81C069 Fossils
1261 0xC690A60C You've completed your fossil collection. You are now a true student of history.
1262 0x89510180 Microscope Prints
1263 0x164FF407 A master of the microscope, that's what you are. Good job collecting every single microscope print!
1264 0x31645DB3 Space Prints
1265 0x842D782E After exploring the skies with eyes aloft, your epic collection of space prints is finally complete.
1266 0x627CA181 Aliens
1267 0xDC8231C4 Going to space is great, but finding alien life in space and bringing it home? Even better! With a full collection of aliens both dead and alive, the galaxy is truly your oyster.
1268 0xFA2B6B0C Space Rocks
1269 0x68844223 It's a generally accepted tradition to snag every shiny, attractive geologic specimen that floats by your space craft. Your complete collection of space rocks proves that this tenet of space travel is truly alive and well.
1270 0x42D5FC79 You have collected all crystal types!
1271 0x5115D7B3 You have discovered all the elements on the Simiotic table!
1272 0x6A8C9CC0 You have discovered all geologic curiosities there are to discover.  Time to show off your collection to the neighbors.
1273 0x2A9A5AFA You have found all the MySims statues! Now try placing them all over the house to exemplify what a true MySims fan would do.
1274 0xEC7C683C {0.Number}mg
1275 0x97BA4941 {0.Number}g
1276 0x2844D1B4 Citrus
1277 0x6502FC3E Tulip
1278 0x652C94A6 Monster
1279 0x507F9E1D Waxy
1280 0x1213647D Mass
1281 0xC952881D {0.String} and {1.String}
1282 0x75906B08 Spliced Plant
1283 0xB1893F0B Grafting Families
1284 0x8C1FF39E Gold
1285 0x1D6DC3D7 Cooler White
1286 0x1F6C8665 Blue
1287 0x4D0A59B0 Aqua
1288 0x2556E787 Green
1289 0x15741BD2 YellowGreen
1290 0x2E3DC351 Yellow
1291 0x43956F9C YellowOrange
1292 0x749A3B63 Orange
1293 0x7C98EBEE RedOrange
1294 0x452135C0 Cool White
1295 0x6577E3B5 Neutral White
1296 0x7CDF287E Warm White
1297 0xD5D912F3 Warmer White
1298 0x433C48AC Red
1299 0xDC2E5061 Crimson
1300 0x2EE2538A Violet


1301 0x39EE3A9F Purple
1302 0x783777AB {0.String} ({1.String})
1303 0xE042CF64 {0.SimFirstName}'s queue is full. Please try again later.
1304 0xB7C35C8C Do you want to sell this item?
1305 0x8FA1B30B Do you want to sell all items in this stack?
1306 0x2588EF3A enHouseholdNamePlural} received {1.Money} as an insurance payment for the items that were damaged in the recent fire on their lot.
1307 0xBC6D35A9 {0.SimFirstName} received {1.Money} as an insurance payment for the items that were damaged in the recent fire on {M0.his}{F0.her} lot.
1308 0xF296A347 The {0.String} household received {1.Money} as an insurance payment for the items that were damaged in the recent fire.
1309 0xD0112185 {0.SimFirstName} discovered the fire!
1310 0x6F89483F A fire has started nearby! Maybe your Sim should put it out before it spreads out of control!
1311 0x17ADBC5D FIRE
1312 0xF4357937 This interaction is unavailable because of the fire on the lot.
1313 0x1F521283 You cannot do this during a fire.
1314 0x8539E587 The game failed to save. Please try again later.
1315 0x82FF24A9 Select a Trait
1316 0x6AC23084 {0.SimFirstName} Aged Up!
1317 0x6C4D57F2 Adulthood! Fulfilling dreams, planning for retirement, and mid-life crises await! The perfect time to start wrapping up those lifelong goals.
1318 0x45A9759E Select an Aspiration and a Trait
1319 0x55AD9DD3 Teenagedom! Romantic travails, sweaty gym shorts, and hormonal upheavals await! Best buckle those boots. The ride starts here.
1320 0x55AD9DD0 Young adulthood! Lifelong responsibilities, burgeoning careers, and vast horizons await! Whoever said their 20's aren't a blast?
1321 0xB1CD7B18 {0.SimFirstName} Aged Up!
1322 0xD654EB91 {0.SimFirstName} Aged Up!
1323 0xB62F8607 Seniority! Wrinkled bellies, frosty locks, and interminable naps await! Party like the Reaper's not right around the corner.
1324 0x1274FFCA Select a Trait and a Childhood Aspiration
1325 0x96C92406 {0.SimFirstName} Aged Up!
1326 0x50C7CD6C Childhood! Boundless creativity, rulebreaking, and temper-tantrums await! Let the games begin.
1327 0xED78848E Birth! Life, the universe, and everything await! It'll be a long road, kid.
1328 0xAB52084D It's {0.SimFirstName}'s birthday. The time just flies by, doesn't it?
1329 0xE15FE2DF Due to neglect, {0.SimFirstName} is being whisked away to safety. Maybe you should consider a goldfish before jumping into parenthood again.
1330 0x39BDEEBB This lot is too cluttered, and there is no room for {0.SimFirstName}. What a shame! Perhaps once this home is more welcoming {M0.he}{F0.she} can properly move in.
1331 0xA623C36A {1.SimName} would like to come over to hang out. Is that okay?
1332 0x36795024 Incoming Phone Call
1333 0xF7DAAD7F {1.SimName}'s calling to chat. Want to answer?
1334 0x236F2D01 {1.SimName} is wondering if I want to go over to {M1.his}{F1.her} house and hang out.
1335 0x0587C715 (From High Needs)
1336 0x96C4EFC3 Rebate Received
1337 0x02851A6C Your Sims got a rebate check of {1.Money}! {0.String} Sims give your household 10% off Build Mode purchases.
1338 0x71E6BCF3 Games
1339 0x30AA9125 Paintings
1340 0x4C386A59 Songs
1341 0x7B4BA284 Apps
1342 0x5398308B Books
1343 0xABCCCD41 {0.String}: {1.Money}
1344 0xA561D236 Royalty Report
1345 0x745C3B6A (From Clothing Item)
1346 0xCE743BA9 Walk
1347 0xD8DE1CF9 • {0.String}
1348 0x40AFB1B6 {0.String}, {1.String}
1349 0x847A4379 {0.String}…
1350 0xA795DBC4 {0.Money}
1351 0xD22D3E78 {0.String}: {1.String}
1352 0xB5F493B0 {0.String}\n{1.String}
1353 0xD035D3B9 {0.Number} {S0.{S1.ObjectName}}{P0.{P1.ObjectName}}
1354 0x92CCA68C {0.String}
1355 0xFA65EDB0 {0.SimFirstName}
1356 0x8F1F5015 Have a Sim reach max level in the Astronaut career.
1357 0x6A497B25 Stellar Work
1358 0x81A1FB99 Have a Sim reach max level in the Culinary Career.
1359 0xE9752D01 Up a Notch
1360 0x3E24EAC8 Have a Sim reach max level in the Painter career.
1361 0x12D72A28 Flying Colors
1362 0xC42B788F Have a Sim reach max level in the Entertainer career.
1363 0xE4631A1F Are You Entertained?
1364 0xF81FDBFA Have a Sim reach max level in the Criminal career.
1365 0xB9B0A3C2 Suave Criminal
1366 0xF0183BF7 Have a Sim reach max level in the Secret Agent career.
1367 0x566DE727 I, Spy
1368 0x00FCC53A Have a Sim reach max level in the Writer career.
1369 0xF1B56402 The Pen is Mightier
1370 0x6E411907 Have a Sim reach max level in the Tech Guru career.
1371 0x9B965497 Startup Upstart
1372 0x52237C99 Reach max level in every career in The Sims 4.
1373 0x2D709E01 Knack of All Trades
1374 0xA70DDE07 Have a single Sim maintain 3 careers.
1375 0x2FF0C997 9 to 5 to 9
1376 0x9DFAC52D Have a Sim bladder fail while on a date.
1377 0x0997945D So… I’ll call you?
1378 0xF31382D8 Earn a Silver rating on every social event.
1379 0x0B41A558 Event Horizon
1380 0xF74F8FFF Earn a Gold rating on every social event.
1381 0x52EC9FEF The Main Event
1382 0xA7194AB6 Have a Sim die at their own wedding.
1383 0xFB651676 'Til Death Do Us Part
1384 0xBD1B42E5 Play The Sims 4 for 24 hours.
1385 0x85336B55 In the Game
1386 0xD462FE72 Play the Sims 4 for 100 hours.
1387 0x54D2761A Honorary SimGuru
1388 0x03101617 Kill off 10 of your Sims via unnatural causes.
1389 0xEE276E47 Vengeful Deity
1390 0x0EA31527 Speed Dating
1391 0x8653FBC8 Have a single Sim WooHoo in every possible object.
1392 0x4FC72B28 KamaSimtra
1393 0x1CA13F3B Have a Sim befriend the Grim Reaper.
1394 0x69A3BCB3 Hello, Darkness, My Old Chum
1395 0x513D04B2 Successfully WooHoo in a Rocketship.
1396 0xC696345A 50-Mile-High Club
1397 0xDE8C7B15 Have a Sim reach max level in the Gardening skill.
1398 0xE569F625 Green Thumb
1399 0xE7EB86C1 Have a Sim reach max level in the Fitness skill.
1400 0xC323B9E9 Fired Up


1401 0xC06776FF Have a Sim reach max level in the Painting skill.
1402 0x8C4416EF Refined Palette
1403 0x1B04FD04 Have a Sim reach max level in the Handiness skill.
1404 0x99A03DDC Beyond Repairs
1405 0xC98292E2 Have a Sim reach max level in the Violin skill.
1406 0xF99B01EA Bow-dacious
1407 0xEE0FB961 Have a Sim reach max level in the Guitar skill.
1408 0xD745C189 Mael-strum
1409 0x5010CE76 Have a Sim reach max level in the Piano skill.
1410 0x8C4D8336 Ivory Tower
1411 0xDCC386FD Have a Sim reach max level in the Writing skill.
1412 0xAEE7A80D Literal Genius
1413 0xEE094956 Have a Sim reach max level in the Programming skill.
1414 0xD0C0E396 Code Monk
1415 0x3EA9EE9A Have a Sim reach max level in the Video Gaming skill.
1416 0x44A3C262 Games within Games
1417 0x5110D72A Have a Sim reach max level in the Logic skill.
1418 0x4B1F8C92 Elementary
1419 0x15432A24 Have a Sim reach max level in the Comedy skill.
1420 0x683881FC Straight for the Jocular
1421 0xC9A45C70 Have a Sim reach max level in the Mischief skill.
1422 0xF19323D0 Mischief Mastered
1423 0xC1A19C55 Have a Sim reach max level in the Mixology Skill.
1424 0xE334E165 Tender Loving
1425 0xEF62DD5C Have a Sim reach max level in the Rocket Science Skill.
1426 0x1E172654 It's Not Brain Surgery
1427 0xCEA09958 Have a Sim reach max level in the Cooking skill.
1428 0xB4D253D8 Tungsten Chef
1429 0x1FB174DE Have a Sim reach max level in the Charisma skill.
1430 0xD9F6311E Smooth Talker
1431 0xA24F5E6B Have a Sim reach max level in the Gourmet Cooking skill.
1432 0xA05D6403 Connoisseurus Rex
1433 0x262AC993 Have a Sim reach max level in the Fishing skill.
1434 0xFECF8E4B Cast Away
1435 0xB4563B81 Reach max level in every skill in The Sims 4.
1436 0x323D53A9 View to a Skill
1437 0x0A4E5D05 Have a Sim reach Level 10 Mischief skill as a teenager.
1438 0x5B6CB875 Problem Child
1439 0x7B96C77D Have a garden of 10 max quality plants in The Sims 4.
1440 0x2B4FE08D Flower Power
1441 0xCC37D760 Unlock a new plant type through grafting.
1442 0x7E1B2920 Splice of Life
1443 0xBD1BCC8E Have a Sim complete 10 Whims at a single social event.
1444 0x2B92A12E On a Whim
1445 0x96CE94F3 Whimsical
1446 0xB77359EF Have a Sim complete 5 Aspirations.
1447 0x8ECEB57F Over-Achiever
1448 0x93185A68 The Most Interesting Sim in the World
1449 0x9C8D8139 Basketcase
1450 0x05881117 Play a Sim from birth to natural death.
1451 0x1645B947 The Circle of Life
1452 0xE18C3843 Play with an eight-Sim household in The Sims 4.
1453 0x94BB8B9B Full House
1454 0x3858F271 Complete every Aspiration in The Sims 4.
1455 0xAEC217F9 Aspirational
1456 0xEB5DC218 Complete all collections.
1457 0xFA9BB098 For the Hoard!
1458 0x3DE8F0B0 Have a Sim's bladder fail on a lot with 5 or more toilets.
1459 0x6BACED10 No Excuse
1460 0x2DEF9116 Have a Sim become both max thin and fat within a lifetime.
1461 0xEF87D556 My, You've Changed!
1462 0x6EC9D02E I'll get around to it!
1463 0xFFFF8E27 Triple Play
1464 0xF2C38ECC Cause 10 NPC deaths on your home lot in The Sims 4.
1465 0xE45BA6E4 Old Lace
1466 0x3E4E43E2 Have a Sim stay in the Fine emotion for 48 straight Sim hours.
1467 0xEC9DA2EA What Makes a Sim Turn Neutral?
1468 0x993DD344 Have ten babies with a single Sim.
1469 0xE4896C1C Can Reproduce
1470 0xB0729841 All Nighter
1471 0x99C8C430 Have a Sim listen to all radio stations and watch all TV channels.
1472 0xE02E8890 Channel Surfer
1473 0x67AF8C27 Introvert
1474 0xD48B52C6 Collect every Gardening collectible in The Sims 4.
1475 0x3F24FFE6 Horticulture Shock
1476 0x32AC5B2B At Your Service
1477 0x3263E749 Harvest from 50 wild plants in The Sims 4.
1478 0xDB687991 Harvested Interest
1479 0x04DDC789 Have 400 babies across all your Sims.
1480 0x644A31D1 Baby Boom
1481 0xB0E27D56 Have a Sim with zero Simoleons to his or her name work for tips.
1482 0xC5AED796 Panhandler
1483 0xAB506669 Skills & Crafting
1484 0x079AC81C (From Lazy Nap)
1485 0x59F51516 (From Evil Trait)
1486 0x6B5B86EE (From Good Trait)
1487 0x7EA490CB (From Evil Trait)
1488 0xC9A7A896 (From Good Trait)
1489 0x99840A0A (From Cowplant)
1490 0xCB73F32D (From Taking a Bath)
1491 0x5AE78F04 (From New Best Friend)
1492 0xE6704CB4 (From Birthday Party)
1493 0x78CCF9AE (From Breaking Up)
1494 0x2B3ADF44 (From Breaking Up)
1495 0x0197692D (From Breaking Up)
1496 0x1A783C19 (From Browsing Books)
1497 0x3E1F545C (From Studying a Specimen)
1498 0x2DFD75E4 (From Socialization)
1499 0xE881EB8C (From Socialization)
1500 0x853F021B (From Socialization)


1501 0xE91FC194 (From Adopting a Child)
1502 0x161C63DB (From Alien Juice)
1503 0xB673D514 (From Altercation)
1504 0x3C43DF10 (From Doing Mental Telepathy)
1505 0x4CD81ED0 (From Practicing Bar Tricks)
1506 0x95A218D4 (From Upgraded Bathtub)
1507 0xA245BB59 (From Whirlpool Tub)
1508 0xE19E5983 (From Paying Bills)
1509 0xA4675F80 Burdensome Bills
1510 0x1DB7A856 (From Viewing a Bonsai)
1511 0xB038A504 (From a School Event)
1512 0x38F45249 (From a Work Event)
1513 0x530F7298 (From Work)
1514 0x4A89AE86 (From Work)
1515 0x254DB70B (From School)
1516 0x8D42C18B (From Work)
1517 0xAC390EC0 (From Socialization)
1518 0x6DA56238 (From Playing Chess)
1519 0x8D57EEB5 (From Pondering Chess Moves)
1520 0x2EC72161 (From Winning a Chess Match)
1521 0xB5B02BCD (From Watching Divorce)
1522 0x43162356 (From Meeting New Sibling)
1523 0x7C1218E3 (From Catching Your Child Fighting)
1524 0x17655848 (From Drinking Coffee)
1525 0x4D7E9298 (From Writing a Quality Song)
1526 0x4470ED85 (From Arithmetic Game High Score)
1527 0x8F679F13 (From Reading Simpedia)
1528 0xD3B774C3 (From Keyboard Commander High Score)
1529 0x905161C7 (From Browsing Art)
1530 0x8DF8C478 (From Researching Pick-up Lines)
1531 0xCA6DCE3A (From Researching Idioms)
1532 0x52953994 (From Watching
1533 0xCED13B61 (From Cowplant Essence)
1534 0xDE642CE3 (From Culinary Videos)
1535 0xDE43ECF7 (From Debug Cheat)
1536 0x768774C7 (From Socialization)
1537 0x2E46F8F2 (From Repairing Dollhouse)
1538 0x7D42B65D (From Childish Trait)
1539 0x416801E1 (From Smashing Dollhouse)
1540 0x1DEB2D62 (From Binding Voodoo Doll)
1541 0x436AB32D (From Trying on Outfits)
1542 0xF721B8E2 (From Drink)
1543 0x9D620268 (From Spoiled Drink)
1544 0x359DE1BC (From Drinking Prose and Pop)
1545 0x4639BBD9 (From Drinking Love Potion #4)
1546 0x2AE3053D (From Drinking Amygdelight)
1547 0x0F1B8F20 (From Drinking Vigorator)
1548 0x8DC24479 (From Drinking Snaggle Fluster)
1549 0x6B8403B3 (From Drinking Tea)
1550 0x828AE9F7 (From Completing A Painting)
1551 0xBCE1FE96 (From Completing a Masterwork)
1552 0x6FDE0546 (From Completing a Painting)
1553 0xC5DECD79 (From Practicing Painting)
1554 0x6BE569D8 (From Drinking Energy Juice)
1555 0x375BD1EE (From Primping)
1556 0xB0D3108B (From Instrument Practice)
1557 0xE9EA1042 (From Active Trait)
1558 0x85AB5F8F (From Genius Trait)
1559 0xBBD9BCFD (From Cheerful Trait)
1560 0xAF040DA0 (From Goofball Trait)
1561 0xD8F3294F (From Gloomy Trait)
1562 0xB1EC2824 (From Witnessing A Fight)
1563 0xCD8A1C54 (From Extinguishing a Fire)
1564 0x459E2273 (From Extinguishing a Sim)
1565 0xF1FE8044 (From Eating Poorly-Made Food)
1566 0xDBB22E29 (From Eating Spoiled Food)
1567 0x64A04C50 (From Eating Food)
1568 0xAE950786 (From Eating Excellent Food)
1569 0x5BFFDA68 (From Eating Heart Cookies)
1570 0x605FF4E3 (From Eating Excellent Heart Cookies)
1571 0xD231E975 (From Eating Gummy Bear Pancakes)
1572 0xE1ECE602 (From Eating Excellent Gummy Bear Pancakes)
1573 0xFF794E28 (From Microwaved Food)
1574 0x3D4F1E3E (From Cheap Fridge)
1575 0xAB0D2613 (From Upgraded Fridge)
1576 0xE447AEC1 (From Funniest Joke in the World)
1577 0xDAD1A490 (From Future Cube)
1578 0x856B008E (From Neighborhood Exploration)
1579 0x86379E27 (From Being Lectured)
1580 0x20EECD05 (From Confronting the Grim Reaper)
1581 0x55A8347D (From Pleading with the Grim Reaper)
1582 0xF89B8FC5 (From Seducing the Grim Reaper)
1583 0xE354EF74 (From Practicing Guitar)
1584 0x9A6FEFAA (From Hacking into Mainframe)
1585 0xCEA9A35F (From New Baby)
1586 0xBB415F4D (From Failed Prank)
1587 0x6A96A79B (From Horrifying Joke)
1588 0x63641A72 (From Watching Musical Performance)
1589 0xFBB00CE7 (From Cheating)
1590 0x87B410CA (From Jungle Gym)
1591 0x16E2E797 (From Work)
1592 0xCBC70E42 (From Reminiscing about a Memory)
1593 0x11DDB6EC (From Mentoring)
1594 0xECCF5942 (From Using the Microscope)
1595 0x5A260014 (From Mirror)
1596 0xA17EA4A8 (From Mirror)
1597 0xE866753B (From Psyching Self Up)
1598 0x83FCF95C (From a Prank)
1599 0xE96CA2E1 (From a Prank)
1600 0xA0951980 (From a Prank)


1601 0x546D023C (From a Prank)
1602 0xCC153FA4 (From a Prank)
1603 0x371984C0 (From a Prank)
1604 0x09819A5A (From a Prank)
1605 0x430FD523 (From a Prank)
1606 0x72C7C2A0 (From a Prank)
1607 0x64B9F3F7 (From a Prank)
1608 0x8852254B (From a Prank)
1609 0x1F340FF4 (From a Prank)
1610 0xC9919DA9 (From a Prank)
1611 0xAED530A6 (From a Successful Prank)
1612 0x74823E64 (From Successful Prank)
1613 0x2C03FC13 (From a Prank)
1614 0x10CF51E7 (From Failed Prank)
1615 0x77457869 (From a Prank)
1616 0x6DE7EAC6 (From Motion Gaming)
1617 0x640694EB (From Removed Baby)
1618 0xB795CECB (From Playing With Dollhouse)
1619 0x1EF936EF (From Looking Into Space)
1620 0x8BC48236 (From Critical Assessment)
1621 0xEAE36205 (From Gathering Inspiration)
1622 0xBCCBABDD (From Calling a Sim)
1623 0x72BD7E91 (From Phone Games)
1624 0xE29BA9D4 (From Prank Call)
1625 0x6B198C6D (From Calling Sadness Hotline)
1626 0xA24B9647 (From Texting)
1627 0x2FA28728 (From Jazz Up The Place)
1628 0xA8B3D95A (From Serenade)
1629 0xE2CB949B (From Practicing Woodworking)
1630 0x71A71A53 (From Being Praised)
1631 0x74627C79 (From Privacy Violation)
1632 0x018A1274 (From Exchanging Promise Rings)
1633 0x59CBD3AE (From Using Public Bathroom)
1634 0x0FBC2073 (From Punching Bag)
1635 0x1CBBB6BD (From Roundhouse Kick)
1636 0x384BCB69 (From Trying to Convince to Leave Spouse)
1637 0x62F04ED1 (From Rejected Proposal)
1638 0x8B684C66 (From Mischievous Sim)
1639 0x49CE9804 (From Emotional Support)
1640 0x7609E331 (From Emotional Support)
1641 0x9C9338EB (From Nausea)
1642 0x48FECE63 (From Brushing Teeth)
1643 0xB0C785CC (From Upgraded Sink)
1644 0x8A2702C8 (From Giving to Online Charity)
1645 0x727A963A (From Giving to Online Scam)
1646 0xE1C316BD (From Mirror)
1647 0x76E003E8 (From Watching Performance)
1648 0x3142FF06 (From Cooking)
1649 0x6027D64E (From Cooking)
1650 0x3755C5F4 (From Cooking)
1651 0xE2DF7F56 (From Daydreaming)
1652 0x5600CB86 (From Repairing)
1653 0xD71F282B (From Upgrading)
1654 0x300C065B (From Woodworking)
1655 0xA9EA8B99 (From Failed Prank)
1656 0x7D9629DC (From Researching Art Reference)
1657 0x9B2957CB (From Phone)
1658 0xDCD04CBC (From Game Tournament)
1659 0x5575E438 (From Socialization)
1660 0x76F9481B (From Socialization)
1661 0x8C54212C (From Socialization)
1662 0x153407E6 (From Pickpocketing)
1663 0xF646AC6E (From Socialization)
1664 0xDCF30EA8 (From Socialization)
1665 0x2EEED662 (From Socialization)
1666 0xAE564374 (From Socialization)
1667 0x24F19B5F (From Socialization)
1668 0xE15CD9DA (From Socialization)
1669 0xABD9E282 (From Socialization)
1670 0x8894A4D5 (From Socialization)
1671 0xB3FB0A67 (From Socialization)
1672 0x9ADDCCD4 (From Socialization)
1673 0x27144B8E (From Being Lectured)
1674 0x5D44569B (From Socialization)
1675 0x6A8C6607 (From Socialization)
1676 0x162B0882 (From Being Debased)
1677 0x5FDADA7D (From Socialization)
1678 0xAF530007 (From Socialization)
1679 0x72262BDC (From Socialization)
1680 0x11C8CE70 (From Hates Children Trait)
1681 0xA5F6FD7C (From Streaking)
1682 0xC0673E12 (From Threatening)
1683 0x3F678592 (From Being Threatened)
1684 0x41B4DF67 (From Socialization)
1685 0x50C04454 (From Low Quality Furniture)
1686 0x41CCD727 (From Working Out)
1687 0x012B2B39 (From Convincing to Leave Spouse)
1688 0x60078D62 (From Convincing to Leave Spouse)
1689 0xF82545B5 (From Using a Upgraded Stove)
1690 0xDBA34C50 (From Drinking Tea)
1691 0x5B0F2CBA (From Spying on Neighbors)
1692 0x223BDE92 Energized
1693 0x171FAA29 (From Talking Toy)
1694 0x975370B6 (From Play with Toy)
1695 0x16ECC648 (From Admiring Art)
1696 0xF6025D28 (From Being Sabotaged)
1697 0x252EDC8C (From Book Analysis)
1698 0xA5889AD0 (From Clumsy Trait)
1699 0x56E1A407 (From Noncommittal Trait)
1700 0x13A0EAF1 (From Noncommittal Trait)


1701 0xC8468FA6 (From Family Oriented Trait)
1702 0x4A82CC68 (From Genius Trait)
1703 0x4FE319B0 (From Loves Outdoors Trait)
1704 0xA08998E0 (From Music Lover Trait)
1705 0x54A610F9 (From Lack of Music)
1706 0xC2DD292B (From Romantic Trait)
1707 0xC1EE78F7 (From: Materialistic Trait)
1708 0x7FB13B4C (From Lack of Employment)
1709 0x26DF1B95 (From Lack of Promotion)
1710 0x54C6F694 {0.SimFirstName} earned {1.Money} from investing this week.
1711 0xC74485AA Interest Earned
1712 0x3B9F7F80 (From Geek Trait)
1713 0x735E08A6 (From Reading Sci-Fi and Geek Trait)
1714 0xDB2C6673 (From Good Trait)
1715 0x6ACD732A (From Weaponized Joke)
1716 0xDDE56920 (From Insane Trait)
1717 0xA81AC7A4 (From Browsing Recipes)
1718 0x188BE991 (From Watching Cooking Shows)
1719 0x4180B67C (From Lazy Trait)
1720 0xB418DDEA (From New Seeds of Doubt)
1721 0x6E5580C0 (From Hearing a Nasty Rumor)
1722 0xE456C1AC (From Hearing a Nasty Rumor)
1723 0xDCE37D54 (From Hearing a Nasty Rumor)
1724 0x0B853F43 (From Morning Person Trait)
1725 0xD3168B1A (From Playing Music)
1726 0xEC89C85A (From Neat Trait)
1727 0x1EADA123 (From Night Owl Trait)
1728 0xDCC53578 (From Excellent Creations)
1729 0x8D70ADC0 (From Imperfect Work)
1730 0xDB01B210 (From a Piper's Tune)
1731 0x326B4066 (From Insane Trait)
1732 0x0290B545 (From Tutorial Completion)
1733 0xDA5456C4 (From Watching TV)
1734 0x248A3116 (From Marriage Proposal)
1735 0xDC22AE70 (From Releasing Spirit)
1736 0x91D1923D (From Viewing Art)
1737 0x734A370A (From Hot-Headed Trait)
1738 0xC2AAF3B9 (From Creative Trait)
1739 0xE8740883 (From Gloomy Trait)
1740 0x01720E71 (From Romantic Trait)
1741 0xAAED6ACA (From Goofball Trait)
1742 0x816ECBB7 (From Pregnancy)
1743 0x6D285154 (From Active Trait)
1744 0xAA8FCC00 (From Cheerful Trait)
1745 0x17A8E8E8 (From Self-Assured Trait)
1746 0xB3FF5DC3 (From Genius Trait)
1747 0x937CADE7 (From Good WooHooing)
1748 0xCD2A5492 (From Spectacular WooHooing)
1749 0xECD33006 (From Good WooHooing)
1750 0x31E0F10A (From Messing Around)
1751 0x2C4EA4A1 (From Socialization)
1752 0xBDED8D75 (From Losing at Cards)
1753 0x4CD798B0 (From Playing Cards)
1754 0x2F8A3009 (From Winning at Cards)
1755 0x3D4F2275 (From Browsing Intelligence Database)
1756 0xC45E71EC (From School)
1757 0xD970F1C9 (From High School)
1758 0x5D1B06BE Extra Credit Complete
1759 0xFEDE8852 {0.SimFirstName} has completed {M0.his}{F0.her} makeup homework for the day.
1760 0x4A71A02C Makeup Homework Complete
1761 0x1701AF2B Homework Complete!
1762 0x00068975 Sim's Weight Increased
1763 0x6C7503D9 Sim's Weight Decreased
1764 0x0BDDB12F (From Molding Clay Blob)
1765 0x5E9D0623 Congratulations on starting your element collection! To really show them off, consider purchasing an Elemental Display Rack.
1766 0x910CC8AE (From Performing Routine in Space)
1767 0x355D6044 (From Upgraded Toilet)
1768 0xBECDA0D9 (From Playing Modded Game)
1769 0x83962828 (From Broken Dollhouse)
1770 0x6AFE4C53 (From Strenuous Activity)
1771 0x38ECC79B (From Being Electrocuted)
1772 0xCCB2B78B (From Declaring an Enemy)
1773 0x65CAEFD1 (From Being Declared an Enemy)
1774 0x6D06059F (From Drinking Potion)
1775 0x11FE3544 (From Engagement)
1776 0x2AAFF653 While removing weeds, {0.SimFirstName} found a frog hiding in {M0.his}{F0.her} garden.
1777 0x0BFB6DF4 (From Being Spared)
1778 0x83D99201 (From Mirror)
1779 0x4ADE6E7B (From Mirror)
1780 0x394B4AC6 (From Completing Homework)
1781 0x4AE6B483 Performance Gain - Large
1782 0xF27E20CD Performance Gain - Medium
1783 0x17BAA0CB Performance Gain - Small
1784 0xE1F402CB Performance Loss - Large
1785 0xE9072BC5 Performance Loss - Medium
1786 0xA9940353 Performance Loss - Small
1787 0x36986C9A (From Playing on Jungle Gym)
1788 0x21A5D6D0 (From Playing on Jungle Gym)
1789 0x153382FA (From Playing on Jungle Gym)
1790 0x1883D451 {0.SimFirstName} has learned the following traits about {1.SimFirstName}:\n{2.String}
1791 0x07DD5DF3 After some investigation, {1.SimFirstName} was discovered to have this trait:\n{2.String}
1792 0xF7AC3CEC {0.SimFirstName} already knows all of {1.SimFirstName}'s traits!
1793 0xEBE98FCB (From Making a Silly Face)
1794 0xC253B2F6 (From Renewing Vows)
1795 0x28ED5834 (From Marriage)
1796 0x7C34C15D (From Renewing Vows)
1797 0x5B7A3957 (From Getting Cold Feet)
1798 0x0C839FB8 (From Getting Left at the Altar)
1799 0x1095CDB7 {0.SimFirstName} found a MySims trophy!
1800 0x451E9225 {0.SimFirstName} found a space rock!


1801 0xAD2E27C6 (From Rocket Ship)
1802 0xF7AE48DB {0.SimFirstName} made a crash landing from space, but any landing you can walk away from....
1803 0x3ABEA30C {0.SimFirstName} has safely returned from exploring the cosmos
1804 0x65F8F812 (From Capturing an Alien)
1805 0x40AC7088 (From Getting Caught with Contraband)
1806 0x5C63B3EF (From Quashing Lunar Rebellion)
1807 0x06ED0807 (From Orbiting the Moon)
1808 0x170B922D You've Got Treasure!
1809 0xF8D691F4 (From Victory in Outer Space)
1810 0xE9CA3D74 (From Peeing Self)
1811 0x39B527BF (From Performing Comedy)
1812 0x50E8FD07 {0.SimFirstName} is bursting... with anticipation to meet {M0.his}{F0.her} new bundle of joy!
1813 0x814E3085 Gone into Labor!
1814 0xABEBD94A (From Sim in Labor)
1815 0x03A42EE3 (From Great Freelance Work)
1816 0x6EE75CC0 (From Failing To Hack Grades)
1817 0x6B212594 (From Hacking Grades)
1818 0xE3374362 (From Hacking Supercomputer)
1819 0x037CD459 (From Failing To Hack Work Performance)
1820 0xCEAE2857 (From Hacking Work Performance)
1821 0xE9204272 (From Making A Plugin)
1822 0x2095E806 (From Making a Virus)
1823 0x8EA82E0A (From Protein Shake)
1824 0xDA5CCD92 (From Children's Book)
1825 0x1370B20C (From First WooHoo)
1826 0x77FFCC67 (From Rocket Ship Exploration)
1827 0xD4C2CA1E (From Taking a Shower)
1828 0xAC6C4166 Based on {0.SimFirstName}'s career, {M0.he}{F0.she} was given a startup bonus of {1.Money} by an investor!
1829 0xAEF96AD0 (From Birthday Party)
1830 0x52712BC5 (From Wedding)
1831 0x1ED738AF (From Date)
1832 0xA395737E (From Attending a Party)
1833 0x012CD136 (From Hosting a Party)
1834 0x87E98522 (From Studying a Book)
1835 0x5BEF7F68 (From Hugging Oversized Stuffed Animal)
1836 0x7234D9B4 (From Playing With Oversized Stuff Animal)
1837 0x262CE5AC (From Sharing Creative Ideas)
1838 0xBB74D9A0 (From Knockout Gas)
1839 0xC1B81254 (From Discussing Geek Things)
1840 0x3804CE26 (From Depressing Sigh)
1841 0xA1C4EFA8 (From Hot-Headed Trait)
1842 0xC29FD6A8 (From Stimulating Conversation)
1843 0x410FB773 (From Mourning an Enemy)
1844 0x38077315 (From Mourning a Friend)
1845 0xFA4DC5AE (From Mourning a Sim)
1846 0x6AA0E648 (From Lazy Trait)
1847 0xEB6BF241 (From Cheap Bed)
1848 0xD583BDFD (From Taking a Nap)
1849 0xDC194BAA (From a Dazed Snooze)
1850 0x9917F75B (From Fantasizing about Weddings)
1851 0x59283F83 (From Cutting the Wedding Cake)
1852 0xAF0AA5BD (From a Wedding)
1853 0x6D2622AC (From Witnessing Death of Friend)
1854 0xBA399B5A (From Witnessing Death of Loved One)
1855 0x819F5263 (From Witnessing Death of Enemy)
1856 0x19D93D5E (From Witnessing Death)
1857 0x1F544429 (From Working Out)
1858 0xC32EA34B {0.SimFirstName} just finished writing the {1.ObjectName} comedy routine.
1859 0x5F33E141 (From Reading for Reference)
1860 0x73E5654D (From Writing a Book)
1861 0x86160D88 (From Materialistic Trait)
1862 0x44B4251C (From Socialization)
1863 0x55DDF09E (From Below Average WooHooing)
1864 0xBAEC772E (From Mediocre WooHooing)
1865 0xC6257C95 (From Getting Fitter)
1866 0x49345659 (From Getting Weaker)
1867 0x1185CF78 (From Socialization)
1868 0xEFEBF891 {0.SimFirstName} has completed {M0.his}{F0.her} extra credit work for the day.
1869 0x500FFF3C Active Imagination
1870 0xD5C36F21 Daydreamer
1871 0xA35ACC72 Artistic Prodigy
1872 0x6E434265 Precocious
1873 0x77ABD210 Junior Scientist
1874 0xCC6B0337 Whiz Kid
1875 0x31F539C1 Energetic
1876 0xECEB78DC Agile Developer
1877 0x8AC31FD3 Rambunctious Scamp
1878 0xA012E45B Chatterbox
1879 0xD47B5A7A Popular Kid
1880 0x01ED3049 Social Butterfly
1881 0xFCDB319D Ill at Easel
1882 0x86ADBDCE Fledge-linguist
1883 0x27E6CAA7 Tone-Deaf
1884 0x1F75604A Fine Tuned
1885 0x35592B6F Fine Artist
1886 0x86404F84 Competent Wordsmith
1887 0xE5555045 Harmonious
1888 0xBA062BBA Brushing with Greatness
1889 0x71718999 Novelest Novelist
1890 0x2EE6D889 Painter Extraordinaire
1891 0xAC6FEB6A Bestselling Author
1892 0xC5E571F3 Musical Genius
1893 0x04A88BEC Mostly Harmless
1894 0x7684FD36 Neighborhood Nuisance
1895 0x9C9E41A5 Artful Trickster
1896 0xCEA12BB3 Criminal Mind
1897 0xA467B9E8 Professional Prankster
1898 0xF82D353C Public Enemy
1899 0x95C30307 Chief of Mischief
1900 0x2C8C5727 Readily a Parent


1901 0x905AC1D5 Caregiver
1902 0x5FE5FAFC Trusted Mentor
1903 0xB8BA18C7 Loving Guardian
1904 0xCA8AFE73 Successful Lineage
1905 0x360F70A8 Big Happy Family
1906 0xAABE5941 Basic Trainer
1907 0x4FAA158B Exercise Demon
1908 0x0F69A26C Fit to a T
1909 0x3463902D Bodybuilder
1910 0x79512D1E Bar Tenderfoot
1911 0x6C38A1AD Aluminum Chef
1912 0x83B27E9D Electric Mixer
1913 0x0D850ACE Captain Cook
1914 0xABC8BA24 Beverage Boss
1915 0x2DCE090F Culinary Artist
1916 0x4083109B Master Mixologist
1917 0x4B2FEF90 Master Chef
1918 0xAB09841A Going for Not Broke
1919 0x879A0D7B Learning Earning
1920 0xB05D0CF0 Estate of the Art
1921 0x1C2EEC84 Well-off
1922 0xCB47C86F The Great Landscaper
1923 0x55490FAE Home Renovator
1924 0xCE37327E Fabulously Wealthy
1925 0xB352078D Mansion Baron
1926 0xA5186624 With the Program
1927 0x5F99E428 Prudent Student
1928 0xD526BC0F Jack of Some Trades
1929 0x53216D24 Technically Adept
1930 0xE92012E5 Erudite
1931 0xE51838DA Pantologist
1932 0x7106C5B9 Computer Geek
1933 0x3CE21E58 Rocket Scientist
1934 0x1ED58829 Renaissance Sim
1935 0xB101EF0A Computer Whiz
1936 0x23294F93 Nerd Brain
1937 0xE173E936 Amore Amateur
1938 0x1EE7BB15 Marriage Material
1939 0xF0280EA6 Up to Date
1940 0x631C213C Love Handler
1941 0x00B1EF07 Romance Juggler
1942 0x399017B3 Soulmate
1943 0x0F56A5E8 Serial Romantic
1944 0xE3B580CE Out and About
1945 0x119B68DF Naturewalker
1946 0xF41CAB74 Fish out of Water
1947 0xD6A19B38 Garden Variety
1948 0xB7065BC3 Hooked
1949 0xF97731BA Gatherer
1950 0x8247CBB9 Nature Nurturer
1951 0xF6593EDA Reel Smart
1952 0x3CD03AE3 Treasure Hunter
1953 0x0977AE6A Freelance Botanist
1954 0x8BEE9B89 Angling Ace
1955 0x8E71A728 The Curator
1956 0xB4E9482A Time to turn on the charm and make some friends.
1957 0x81E2ED92 New in Town
1958 0xEF2C9CDC Stand-up Start-up
1959 0x28FA1777 A well-liked Sim not only has many acquaintances but a close confidant--a best friend.
1960 0x00610AA7 Well Liked
1961 0x5F27FDCE Welcoming Host
1962 0x812EA4B5 {M0.Funny Businessman}{F0.Funny Businesswoman}
1963 0x3EA18F26 Some Sims bring a smile to everyone's face--they're close to a few but friendly to all.
1964 0xC5219146 Super Friend
1965 0x8D0DE5DF Sir Gala Had
1966 0xAAEEF4D6 Joke Star
1967 0xEDB125B5 What can you say? Some Sims are just popular--they charm everyone they meet and form close relationships.
1968 0xBDCF9045 Friend of the World
1969 0x5EBA8F84 Party Animal
1970 0xBA00600B {0.SimFirstName} is a Cheerful Sim.  Cheerful Sims tend to be Happy more often.
1971 0xCF37E379 Cheerful Lesson
1972 0x3548E315 (From Being Near a Family Member)
1973 0x66764B06 Bodybuilder Sims are obsessed with being in shape. They spend nearly all their time perfecting their bodies.
1974 0x86195CFB (From Being Near a Friendly Relationship)
1975 0x408191A3 (From Being Near a Romantic Relationship)
1976 0x914BEDC4 (From Being Near a Poor Relationship)
1977 0xFC560C4B Aspiration Milestones Completed
1978 0x8B620F10 Number of Best Friends
1979 0xCE7BD415 Desserts Eaten
1980 0x74DA51B1 Social Events Attended
1981 0x5D33E8EC Social Events Thrown
1982 0xCE22D8B6 Gold Social Events Thrown
1983 0x2EDEC22A Meals Eaten
1984 0xB1EB6549 Snacks Eaten
1985 0xE62E3707 Sim Days Alive
1986 0xA33F995A Times Dazed
1987 0xE5A3A816 Times Bladder Failed
1988 0xA91FD60E Time Spent Fishing
1989 0x853FF6A9 Times WooHooed
1990 0xEC613046 Total Whims Completed
1991 0xA6DD2F3C {0.SimFirstName} is an Active Sim. Active Sims tend to be Energized and enjoy Exercise.
1992 0x7734F19A Active Lesson
1993 0x1C9D912B {0.SimFirstName} is Ambitious. Ambitious Sims are career focused. If work goes well, or poorly, they'll have an Emotional reaction!
1994 0xD98DFD19 Ambitious Lesson
1995 0x44384965 {0.SimFirstName} is an Art Lover. Art Lovers are easily Inspired by Art and love to discuss Art.
1996 0xCB909F67 Art Lover Lesson
1997 0x689E70E4 {0.SimFirstName} is a Bookworm. Bookworms are Inspired by Books and love to discuss them with other Sims.
1998 0x8FFAFAA2 Bookworm Lesson
1999 0x6191533B {0.SimFirstName} is a Bro. Bros love watching Sports, being around other Bros, and know how to handle their Juice.
2000 0x996BDAE9 Bro Lesson

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